Discover 3 ridiculously common phone answering mistakes you should tell everyone in your business to stop using today

These mistakes are so common they’re used every day without a second thought.

The worst part is you won’t even know how much they cost you in missed business!

Learn the reasons why the most common phone answering phrases are outdated and unproductive if you want to build your business brand, earn trust, promote service excellence and win over more loyal clients.

As an added bonus, you’ll also learn how to change a common email sign off to shift clients from indifference to action.

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“Common phone answering mistakes that cost your business thousands every year – are you making these mistakes?”

How to answer the phone the right way – every time!

Build rapport with clients faster

Use free marketing to your advantage

Control your calls

Raise customer service standards

Strengthen your brand

Common phone answering mistakes cost businesses thousands in missed opportunities every year.

Does your receptionist, your sales team, your customer service team and everyone who answers the phone in your business use the correct phone answering technique?

Inside “How to answer the phone the right way – every time!” your team will learn the correct technique for answering the phone, so the first phone call and every phone call after builds trust, promotes your brand and service excellence with clients.

Make it easier for your business to stand above your competition when your team uses the correct phone answering technique and win over loyal clients who trust your business more.

Learn the correct phone answering techniques and give your business the edge.


  1. You’ll learn why it’s important to know that the first thing and the last thing your client hears is what they remember, and because it makes the greatest impression on them it can help your business.
  2. The simple technique large corporations have spent millions of dollars researching and you can have it for barely a fraction of what they spent!
  3. How the 4 principles of success culture influence how you answer the phone
  4. 8 easy steps to a perfect phone answering technique (that are actually fun to do!)
  5. Use this resource in your new team member onboarding process so they’re using the same consistent technique the rest of your team uses right from their first call with a client.

Ready to give your business the edge with the correct phone answering technique?

“How to answer the phone the right way – every time!” by Gabriella Horak

Gabriella Horak is an expert Facilitator, Leadership Coach and Trainer for Service Excellence. 

Gabriella has helped countless organisations from ASX 100 companies to SMEs, activate potential in their teams and improve results through effective business communication and practical organisational development strategies for performance and culture. 

Gabriella is dedicated to showing people how to find their EDGE and create widespread success culture.