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2 proven sales boosters for builders and contractors

The Protégé Effect
April 1, 2017

Meeting potential clients and quoting takes up a significant part of a builder’s time. Here are two communication techniques that will boost your chances of winning quotes and getting even more leads in the future.

1: Ask Great Questions
Asking the right questions is so important to building strong relationships in business. It is also the cheapest and most efficient project management tool on the market.
Take for example, the very first time you sit down with a potential client. Do you ask them about their personal values or what is really important to them in their life?
I promise whatever it is that motivates them to get out of bed each morning will have an impact on a project. I also promise that showing a genuine interest in your potential client is going to give you an edge on your competition.
If you haven’t already, download these 5 Questions Every Builder Should Ask. It’s free and will give you the best chance of making a sale from your first meeting with a new client.
The next and equally important thing a builder should do in order to increase his chances of winning a quote and generally succeeding in business is:
2: Be a Great Listener
Knowing how to be an active listener is the most amazing work/life skills anyone can ever have. Why? Because everyone wants to be heard – including that client sitting in front of you deciding whether to invest a significant amount of money (possibly their hard-earned savings) into your services.
There are a number of ways you can show you are really listening.
My favourite technique that I always share with my clients: repeating back what you’ve just heard. It’s a simple communications trick that is so powerful and will lead to rapport and trust – the ultimate fuel to ignite your business success.
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