The Number 1 Secret of Highly Successful Teams
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March 19, 2018
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March 26, 2018

develop your successImagine being in a meeting where you discover you have not one but two Olympic level athletes on your team. Imagine in that same meeting you find out the reason why the guy in accounts puts his hand up for extra shifts is so he can afford to go on missions to help people in other countries.

Imagine sitting with your team and crying together from being moved and inspired by other colleagues in the room. That’s what happened the other day when I worked with a team on their Team Intelligence™.

Yes, this was a particularly extraordinary session, not every team I work with find themselves in a puddle of tears. Not everyone has a couple of sporting aces hiding in their workplace closets either. Every workplace, however, has champions, and it’s the champion mindsets and attitudes we aim to draw out using team intelligence.

When we talk about champions in a team were not talking directly to staggering performance results, even though they are the by-product. We’re talking about people who voluntarily take interest in the success of their colleagues, who want the very best for them and will help, support, and champion them.

Team Intelligence™ is all about teams working to achieve better results as a cohesive unit. When a team is at the ultimate level of team intelligence, they’re firing on all cylinders, championing each other and winning together in their success culture.

It’s no pie in the sky concept. This kind of success culture is very achievable because it is based on how effectively we communicate.

We know effective communication is what gets things done, makes sales, propels projects, wins customers, deals with difficult situations, and even makes us happy. Effective communication is a great driver of success yet like many things it’s something we often forget that’s why we wrote this article on 10 ways you can immediately improve your personal communication.

Included on that list was Asking Questions. Asking questions that begin with ‘why?’ Because understanding our whys and our values is a fundamental and distinctive characteristic of highly successful teams.

Let’s look at the value of a straight question like: Why do we come to work?

Most people when asked ‘why do you come to work?’ Will first answer “money”. But that’s not the real reason why. That is not the motivation for getting up at 6:30 in the morning, rushing around, organising kids, or ironing shirts the night before. It’s because of the kids or the house deposit they are saving for, or the next mission to help a developing country. That’s the why they get out of bed every morning. And when a team is enrolled in each other’s why, they then understand and are more enrolled in why they should help.

champion teamsThis is team intelligence at the highest level – understanding each other’s why and helping each other achieve individual goals together. Championing each other to be the best and to have the best.

10 Mindsets of Champion Teams

    1. It’s up to me (Accountability
    1. We understand time
    1. We embrace fear (and are innovative)
    1. We have shared values 
    1. We engage human to human
    1. We are on a learning curve
    1. We respect each other’s perspective
    1. We genuinely care for others (empathy)
    1. We embrace feedback
  1. We trust.


Become a champion. What’s one question you can ask a team member to better understand their world today?