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Why builders need to be expert communicators

The Protégé Effect
April 1, 2017
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I gave my business The Edge
April 1, 2017

Getting our house renovated was a big deal for us.

We had saved hard and thought a lot about where we wanted the money to go. We had dreams. Dreams that we visualised in the form of ripped magazine pages, scribbly diagrams and pins on a Pinterest board titled ‘Home Inspirations’.
The result was great. We love our home and believe it is a job well done. Getting through the build, however, was a nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, we were ready for stress just not the complete breakdown in the relationship with our builder.

It bothered me so much I created a communication program for builders to help them build rock solid relationships, on and off site, and increase their bottom line.

This program, by the way, isn’t based on my one personal experience in home building. It is the outcome of extensive interviews with builders, consumers, contractors, architects and other industry experts, plus my 20 years of work as a highly successful Communications Specialist.

So why do builders need to be expert communicators?

3 words: Word Of Mouth. The most powerful marketing tool in the building industry.

It is safe to say any business in building and construction is heavily reliant on recommendations and referrals to generate the next job. You might have a great website and online presence to make a great first impression but how the client got there in the first place is likely through a referral.

Why is Word of Mouth (the naturally occurring kind) so powerful? Because it is powered by trust and trust is fundamental to the success of all good relationships.