Yep, it’s a Gratitude Post and I’m Thanking Everyone
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December 18, 2017
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January 1, 2018

How has this year treated you? What are you grateful for?

I’m lucky to say it’s been a good year for me. There have been some bumps (mostly expected) but it has finished off so nicely surrounded by family and friends. Last week I shared about a man I met called Chris who isn’t always surrounded by people who care. I hope he got to celebrate Christmas off the street as we planned. I am still feeling grateful for the opportunity he gave me to stop thinking about myself. 

Now I’m taking the opportunity to say thank you to some other people who have had an impact on my life this year.

I’ve talked a lot about gratitude this year, and connection, two things I believe are key to success and all areas of life, not just professionally. There is a lot of great reading on the value of practising gratitude and showing appreciation.

This one from the Happier Human blog lists an impressive 31 benefits of gratitude that directly affect not only our emotions but our social life, our health, our personality and our career – and those benefits are far-reaching.

Of course, I make it my practice (not just my preach) to share my gratitude regularly and frequently but just in case I’ve missed anyone of late here’s a little thank you…

Thank you to everyone who helped, supported and got on board my journey this year. My journey to create my new business, What’s Your Edge and be the master facilitator of the life-changing book, The Slight Edge. I couldn’t have wished for more.

Thank you to the WYE people behind the scenes who helped me form and run this business. Thank you to all my clients who work hard with me to transform their organisations and careers, taking on new concepts for success. You’ve all been amazing to work with.

Thanks to those of you who read my blogs and posts, share them and your feedback.

And thanks to all you great conversationalists!  My life has been enriched by extraordinary conversations this year from the incredible leaders sharing their triumphs, failures and lessons to kick arse women, organisations with deeply powerful values, to Chris who I met the other night, Jeff Olson and his team, and to all those incidental conversationalists, like my favourite coffee shop owners and team at Allpress!

Gabriella HorackThank you to all the amazing people who are sharing about creating wealth and opportunities on My Side Hustle. I love hearing about your journeys. And to all the incredibly motivated and inspired people I’ve met through Nerium. Thanks also to my AirBnB guests who’ve all been such a pleasure to meet and host.

And finally, thank you to my beautiful family including my wonderful husband, children and parents. You are my rocks, my foundation that let me build and create while being so flexible and fluid to all the new beginnings.

Thank you.