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    Pain Points

    We have an amazing team but…

    Every great team has challenges. What’s blocking yours from success? Is there a lack of synergy, drive or motivation? Do they fear change or have fixed mindsets? Do they resist accountability? Miss targets or perhaps are so busy being great on an individual level they don’t know how to work as great together as a team? These are all common problems of great teams. We know, we work with them all the time.

    we work in silos

    WE have a blame culture

    targets not being met

    we need innovative thinkers

    how to build Success Culture




    Gabriella Horak


    Gabriella builds Success Cultures within organisations. She is a highly sought-after business coach, mentor and speaker, well known for achieving long-lasting success through her bespoke organisational programs. She is the CEO of What’s Your Edge?, creator of the Team Intelligence program, TeamQ™ and Master Facilitator of the bestselling book The Slight Edge. More than anything Gabriella loves unlocking the potential in others.

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