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I’m lucky, in my line of work of Corporate Development, I get to meet amazing people almost every day.

Men and women who make a difference at work, home, in their community and beyond. People who inspire and motivate me and others to be better. I intend to share about them all but for today here are three women who empower me to be the best I can be.

Sam Trattles

Sam is one of Australia’s leading, trusted negotiation experts and I feel honored to work with her. She is an authority on negotiating, and her book, I Love Negotiating is a great way to improve your skills whether you love or hate negotiating. It will change your thinking so you can learn how to create value for you and the other person.

She knows all this through her previous work as head of sponsorship at Telstra and PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she negotiated, leveraged and delivered significant returns on deals ranging from thousands to multi-million dollars: across sport, music, the arts, philanthropy and local programs.

Sam has taught me so much about strategic communication and I am absolutely thrilled to partner with her, as Master Facilitator, presenting her I Love Negotiating Program which tailors the insights of her book to corporate teams. If you need help with a deal that has the potential to change the shape of your business get in touch with Sam.

I Love Negotiating – The Program



Janine Garner

Janine is the Founder and CEO of the LBD Group an extraordinary women’s networking group developed for business, executive leaders and entrepreneurs.

Janine is very much about promoting and cultivating collaborations and thanks to her, through LBD, I have connected with brilliant women and learned so much more about business and personal achievement.

One of my favourite things to do is meet up with the Group.  We support and help each other to achieve our business goals and network for commercial and personal growth and success.

I love Janine’s passion for bringing brilliant people together and I am incredibly grateful for her leadership, belief, and collaboration. As she says in her book It’s Who You Know! And I love knowing all the great women from the LBD.

If you’re a woman interested in connecting with like-minded business women, sharing knowledge and collaborating to drive commercial success for yourself and others, check out The LBD Group.



Susan Wahhab

Financial Strategist Susan Wahhab, is my accountant and financial mentor.

Susan created the concept of Money Intelligence™, which is the ability to make money, manage the money you earn, spend it responsibly, invest it wisely while always thinking about the long term.  

Buy her book. You will be glad you did. I couldn’t believe that a book by an accountant could be so engaging, heartfelt and profound, as well as practical, informative and liberating.  I have reaped the rewards of having Susan as my Money Mentor.

If you haven’t picked up a book, definitely listen to her podcast: MONEY INTELLIGENCE FOR THE GREATER GOOD



I’m passionate about ongoing education and training which includes bringing the best people and insights in business to you.

Stay tuned for more in depth profiles on inspiring leaders.