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May 8, 2017

Get Your Edge: Answering The Phone

$8.69 Includes Tax

Get Your EDGE: Answering the Phone

Is brand awareness important to your business? A downloadable, research-based pdf of the most successful technique for answering the phone.  ($AU7.90)  READ MORE




Are you a business owner?

Is brand awareness important to your business?
Is sounding professional on the phone important to you?
Are you answering the phone the correct way?
Is the way you are answering the phone working for you or against you?
Are you and your team building your brand or detracting?
Is everyone in your team answering consistently and professionally?
Do you know the researched based way to answer the phone?
Are you building rapport with your customer instantly?
Are you making the best first impression?
Do you want a marketing tool that’s free every day?

If you are building a Success Culture in your business it starts with great customer service and that starts with the way you answer the phone!

So many people get the phone answering thing so wrong and wonder why people don’t do business with them; why their brand or name isn’t sticking.

First impressions count.

Business owners and leaders wonder why they or their people just don’t sound ‘schmick’ and why they aren’t building their brand with their customers. In fact we hear feedback from customers that owners and their teams are having a negative 👎 impact on their brands.

We believe everyone has good intent (except for the psychos out there), but not always good execution!

You have to be professional in this tough, competitive market place. If you’re not, then your competitor will be.


If you want to employ the FREE-ist form of branding, marketing and advertising in your business, every day, then you need to know how to answer the phone correctly in the first place. Every single time.

I am not a brand specialist, I am a learning and culture specialist, a customer service specialist and I have been training this for years.


There is science and research into the how and why you should answer the phone in a particular way.

Are your people giving your customers the right professional impression? Are you?

You have to stand out for the right reasons and most certainly not for the wrong ones. The right communication skills are fundamental to your success in business.


After 20 years of building success culture in organisations and in customer service training, I know the tried and true researched way to answer the phone. And it’s easy to do!

It’s the free-ist form of marketing I know.

👎 If you are saying “speaking” at the end of your greeting then you are missing out. 😔

👎 If you are saying “Hello” at the beginning of your call, then you are missing out. 😔

If you want my training guide, it’s not free, but we’re practically giving it away.

For just $AU7.90 (+gst)- YES JUST $7.90, you can have a method and the reasoning behind the best way to answer the phone. You can:

 sound professional,
implement FREE marketing every time you answer the phone
Increase BRAND awareness through every call you receive
 share with your team, contractors and virtual staff, so they are marketing your brand too
 make sure you don’t ever miss an opportunity to promote yourself properly and
 make your name stick with all your customers.

Who wouldn’t want that?

WHY ONLY $7.90?

Because we want to help 8760 more people get their edge this year in their businesses. We want it to be simple, powerful and practical. And we want it to be cost-effective.

🙋‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️If this sounds like something you’d like, read on.

We predominantly work in corporate, but as a small business ourselves, we know that it can be tight with cash flow. But you shouldn’t miss out because of that. We believe everyone should have access to great information. And we should also get paid for our expertise, as you should for yours, even if it’s just a little bit.

It’s less than 2 coffees a day, I think that’s worth it.


Why 8760? Why not? The more the merrier, we’ve already shared this with over 10,000 people directly in the last 20 years in big companies. So this year we’d like to share the love with 8760 more in smaller businesses. 👭👫👬

After years of working in service and corporates, I get so frustrated for smaller businesses when I hear them missing out on fundamental tools that can improve your first impressions, your professionalism, your brand reach and your Success Culture.


😅 If you think you are already answering the phone the right way, but just want to double check, then you will be investing in a confirmation, peace of mind and a training guide that you can give to your team and your contractors. 👍

How’s that for the ripple effect?

Yes, we’ll give you what we add into our training programs for the large corporates. Why should just the big corporates have access to this data and information?


We have used this approach with 100s, if not 1000s of clients, from ASX100 companies, small and medium companies, sole traders, in every industry.

Building, manufacturing, finance, real estate, FMCG, recruitment, facility services, IT, telcos, sporting teams, design, health, insurance, and it goes on.


Why haven’t we been doing this sooner?!” That’s what everyone says.

There are still large corporates getting this wrong. We are still employed to run service training where people in large businesses aren’t all answering in the same consistent manner. It’s sloppy! Unprofessional! Inconsistent!

So if you are competing against them in business then you will have a head start.

Success culture starts with learning, action, practice and time. It also needs great communication and simple techniques.

This is one of the easiest things to implement in your business, whether you have been in business for a long time or just starting out.

Do you want Your Phone EDGE?

What you get:

The exact way you should answer the phone professionally
The psychology behind it
Options – Less used but still viable
When to use a salutation
When to ask ‘How may I help you?’
Extra Tip for mobile phone
A guide on how to change your greeting

What will happen, with consistency:

💰 You will sound professional
💰 You will build brand awareness
💰 You will be answering the phone the correct way
💰 Your phone answering technique will work for you
💰 You and your team will enhance your brand
💰 Everyone in your team will answer consistently
💰 You will be able to use the research that the big guys use
💰 You will build rapport with your customer instantly
💰 You will make the best first impression
💰 You will be using a free marketing tool daily and easily!

If this is for you, you can get your copy now!

Gab x
I share the EDGE.

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