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May 31, 2018
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June 19, 2018

Jeff Olsen and Gab HorakAs a Master Facilitator of The Slight Edge, Gab changes the lives of the people she trains and has a vision to improve the lives of a million people using The Slight Edge concepts. I know she will get there, one organisation at a time.

What strikes me about Gabriella Horak is her passion. Her passion for self-improvement, her passion for helping others, and her passion for The Slight Edge. It is humbling that The Slight Edge has changed her life, and it brings me joy that she empowers others to do the same through The Slight Edge principles in her Corporate Programs.

 Gabriella is a fantastic example of someone who has taken her own personal experience with The Slight Edge and now successfully changes the lives of others through her facilitation and workshops focussed on building Success Cultures within organisations.

 She has already touched thousands of people with the simple yet dramatically effective concepts found in the book, and, together, we will change the lives of millions of people. 

I am proud Gabriella is an advocate of The Slight Edge and I am excited to endorse her as the Master Facilitator of The Slight Edge in the corporate arena”.

I can’t believe just how much this book has changed all the areas in my life. It has changed my business (notice that our new company name is What’s Your Edge? and that’s just the surface), health and relationships and now I can share these powerful insights on a one to many level through our Slight Edge for Corporate Program.

The Slight Edge for Corporate programWhat is The Slight Edge for Corporate Program?

It’s no secret that increased profits, reduced costs and innovation are huge drivers of business today. The Slight Edge for Corporate can help you achieve these, with the people in your teams.

Imagine what a 1% change in behaviour, from every person in the organisation, could do to overall engagement, customer confidence, and to profitability. Imagine if that change was positive! Imagine if it was more than 1%. This is the power of The Slight Edge.

Many of our clients have already experienced The Slight Edge with us, would you like find out what it’s about? Contact me about booking your team in for our pilot program.

3 Ways to Get The Slight Edge

  1. Buy through Booktopia (for free worldwide delivery)
  2. Buy through Amazon International
  3. Book in a meeting with me. I’ll bring you a free copy.


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