The Strategic EDGE

Where you commit to being aligned, Creating a clear direction,
and communicating to engage and unify the organisation for success.

The Current Challenge

Why is The Strategic EDGE Important?
Today’s businesses operate in an ever-changing space. The challenge for organisations is the rate and breadth of change and the need to be more adaptive and resilient than ever. Organisations are required to respond to many external challenges like the impact of technology advancement, increased competition in the market and changing customer expectations to name a few.

These external challenges translate into internal challenges like constant structural changes to meet strategic needs and increased costs in relation to keeping technology current, not to mention people needing to constantly learn new systems and processes.

These are just a couple of examples, but they are real in today’s world and as a result can create anxiety, fear and frustration for the people who work in the organisation.

The research shows us that what hinders organisations in this context is a lack of clarity about where the organisation is headed, communication about how it will get there and why it is even heading in that direction in the first place. The knock on effect is that under these circumstances people can lose motivation and engagement because they cannot connect with a higher purpose which contextualises their day to day work and helps them understand that they can master what they do, they can be empowered to do it and contribute to something bigger them themselves.

Despite many organisational executives wanting the next level of success and understanding that they key to success is in its people, often the fear of failure and spending too much time in operational decision making means they spend most of their energy being reactive rather than proactive and visionary.

What Will Give You
The Strategic EDGE?

To ensure organisations remain relevant for their clients or customers and key stakeholders, they need to step back from everyday business activities and answer some critical questions about alignment and direction and create a unified workforce that not only understands what they do and how they do it but really understands why they do what they do.

This starts at the very top of the organisation, with its Strategic Executives.

Meeting The Challenge

When the most senior leaders come together, collaborate and align to purpose, vision, values and objectives, cross-functional communication becomes consistent and translates more effectively and efficiently. It is the backbone of a unified, purpose lead organisation, where purpose is fulfilled by bringing values to life and creating a culture of success.

By investing in time together Strategic executives will:

  • Create an aligned success mindset that sets the tone for a learning culture.
  • Work with each other to synthesise success culture insights from their people.
  • Define, align to, and agree on a communication strategy for the Organisation’s Purpose, Vision and Values.
  • Engage with each other and begin to build a culture of trust by being role models.
  • Provide the foundation for clear, aligned objectives that translates to business success.

Want to Work Together?

Gabriella gave an energising, insightful and entertaining presentation to lead every member of the staff into their own DiSC profile. It has allowed all of us to consider how to work really effectively… and really value… our many colleagues who are the professional opposite to us. I would recommend What’s Your Edge? programs to other Schools and organisations that would like to engage their staff in next level communication for increased productivity, with their peers, and for true team intelligence.

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  • Gabby worked with us to design a training seminar for our business leaders. Gabby was authentic and the training was delivered in a way that was well suited to the group. Gabby's use of examples and "hacks" gave the participants easy actions to implement immediately and we did so the very next day.  
    Michelle MacKrell | General Manager Human Resources
    Adelaide Brighton
  • The team at What's Your Edge? are best described as: a highly effective, results-driven, 'heart centered' well-oiled machine and as such I have continued to work with them for many years. The team has a unique ability to carefully understand business problems and effectively deliver sustainable solutions addressing various capabilities, presenting a learning and development offer that is pitched exactly to the audience.
    Sarah Delbosc | Learning and Development Lead
    PwC Australia
  • I had the pleasure of Gab presenting for a company workshop. She is a very enthusiastic facilitator, speaks with great passion and had the whole room engaged throughout the day. She managed to simplify complex theories with easy to follow practices. At the end of the day walking out the room felt refreshed, armed with tips and tricks to run my work-life efficiently. I look forward to some more of Gab's coaching.
    Diana Goghova | Product & Portfolio Management.
    Amadeus IT Pacific

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