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February 13, 2018
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February 27, 2018

I went to a fascinating talk at LegalVision last week by leading business minds sharing their insights and personal disasters when scaling online businesses.

The room was full of start-up founders, entrepreneurs including some great businesswomen I’d like you to know.

It was so good to hear real business stories from the list of impressive speakers that night like the Director of Product at Domain, Shoes of Prey Co-Founder Mike Knapp, the Founder of Hey You, Rebekah Campbell, and Ursula Hogben, the Co-Founder of LegalVision.

I know Ursula through the LBDGroup, an extraordinary women’s networking group developed for business, executive leaders and entrepreneurs. That’s how I got to know Gen Davidson, Victoria Black, and Lisa Merryweather too, who were also there to learn from and support Ursula.

Ursula, Gen and Victoria – 3 more kick-arse women you should know.

Last year I wrote about how lucky I am in my line of work to meet amazing people almost every day. People who inspire and motivate, me and others, to be better including 3 Kick Arse Women: Sam Trattles (one of Australia’s leading, trusted negotiation experts), Janine Garner (Founder and CEO of the LBD Group), and Financial Strategist Susan Wahhab (Extraordinary Leader at Winner Partnership, Accountant and Financial Mentor).

Now, meet three more extraordinary women.

Ursula-HogbenUrsula Hogben

Ursula is Co-Founder, Practice Leader and General Counsel of LegalVision. She is a passionate promoter of women and young entrepreneurs, and through LegalVision, has assisted thousands of businesses and startups to launch and scale.

Ursula, however, isn’t cut from the regular smart cookie cutter. She generously shares her time and invaluable knowledge to help others – in fact, giving away legal information makes up a great deal of what LegalVision does. There’s a whole suite of free legal templates on their website for startups and small to medium businesses, and at the event the other night we all went home with a manual on How To Start An Online Business.

She also invests time in building relationships with her team and is building a Success Culture with creative people focussed initiatives. She’s a great leader with extraordinary vision who I am very glad to know.

Gen Davidson and Victoria BlackGen Davidson and Victoria Black

Gen and Victoria are two smart, savvy and fun entrepreneurs who are taking the weight loss industry by storm with The Superfastdiet Program that embraces the phenomenon of intermittent fasting, making it realistic and easy-to-apply for the average person.

Both Gen and Victoria have great personal weight loss stories as part of their Why for creating the program, but it’s their Slight Edge/consistent steps business journey that I’ve enjoyed being part of.

Not only have they taken the wellness industry by storm with The SuperfastDiet, but Gen is and has been successfully building businesses in the Fitness industry for years and Victoria was named 2016 “Australian Business Woman of the Year” for her Directorship of Wildfire Publishing which publishes Australia’s number 1 wedding magazine (amongst others).

I also love their belief in doing business for good and how 10% of all their revenue goes directly to giving. They proudly support the Human Kind Project, an organisation that educates, empowers and transforms the lives of women living in poverty all around the world.

I am truly grateful for knowing and learning from these smart, fun, and giving women.