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The Next Level Problem of Great Teams
August 6, 2018
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What is Team Intelligence?
August 21, 2018

What do you want to know? What do you want to learn? What professional challenges are keeping you up at night?

free resources for successIf you are on the path to building personal success or creating a culture for success in your organisation, here are 3 free resources we have created for our clients and followers of What’s Your Edge?

We do all we can to support our clients, participants and followers on their journey to success and have created these 3 Free Resources as part of that:

  • Business Book Club
  • Articles on Success
  • My SuccessCulture

Each of these includes the best knowledge we know available for building success from articles and research, studies, books and podcasts, interviews and talks, plus decades of personal experience. Each resource has a different function and aims to be practical and easily implementable.

Business Book Club

This is the newest addition to our free resources and we are very excited about it for two reasons.

  1. We have another way to share and discuss all the amazing books we know about.
  2. We get to learn too. We get to make the most of the amazing Team Intelligence™ available to us through the LinkedIn community, hear what others recommend and what their unique insights are.

This book club was inspired by an article about the 5-Hour Rule, my love of reading and self-development, and a passion for organisational and personal SuccessCulture.

All the books reviewed will help us create success and SuccessCulture. Here’s a little bit about that.

Want to join the Business Book Club? Here’s a link to it plus a few books we love and share about often:

Here is also a blog we wrote on 5 Books that Inspire Change for Personal and Organisational Success …what a perfect segue to our WYE? Blog where you can find a bunch of articles on success!

Articles on Success

For months and months, we have been writing every week on how to build successful careers, teams, businesses and organisations. Here are 7 of our best articles for success based on what has resonated with our readers.

  1. 10 Mindsets of Champion Teams
  2. How to Achieve Success Culture in a 5 star* Environment
  3. 5 Things Schools Do Better Than Most Corporates for Success
  4. Presentation Skills – What the Very Best Do
  5. 9 Characteristics of a Success Culture
  6. Accountability: The Number 1 Habit for Success
  7. What Problems are Keeping our CEOs Up at Night?

My SuccessCulture My SuccessCulture

My SuccessCulture is a free fortnightly newsletter where I share a single lesson about building success.

Many of these lessons come from the book The Slight Edge and include a practical example of how to implement it based on my work in SuccessCulture. It’s kind of like a mini-mentoring session delivered straight to your inbox. Sign me up!

So what is SuccessCulture?

Good question. Let’s break down SuccessCulture (Success + Culture)

What is Success? A broad and common definition for the word success is The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Defining success at a micro (individual/team/organisation) level, however, will look different for everyone. I particularly love how Derek Sivers describes success:

  1. Mastery of oneself
  2. Helping others

What is Culture? A broad definition of the word culture: The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

As a daily point of reference, we might hear culture as:”how we do things around here”.

My definition of culture? The written and unwritten codes of behaviour, based on experiences, values, mindsets and repeated actions.

What is SuccessCulture?

SuccessCulture is the ultimate working environment for everyone. We mostly talk about SuccessCulture in the workplace but the principles are relative to home and personal life.

In a team, SuccessCulture is an environment where everyone (top down/bottom up) is achieving personal and professional success by being so aligned with what really matters in the organisation: its people and customers.

There are three key interlinked elements to this kind of success and they all need to be fully functioning to create SuccessCulture. These include Team Intelligence™, Personal Development and Strategies for Success.

Success Culture definition


We are so lucky to be living in a time when there is an abundance of knowledge at our fingertips. I truly hope you find Business Book Club, our WYE? Articles for Success, and My SuccessCulture Newsletter excellent resources for your success.

And we’d really like your feedback on all of these. We’d like to hear about other resources you find helpful. Please drop me an email and let me know.

Always learning, Gab