Team Intelligence™

Your workplace is full of champions. Draw them out with Team Intelligence.

Team Intelligence brings out the champion mindsets of teams to get them firing on all cylinders and winning together.

When we talk about champions we're not talking directly to staggering performance results. We’re talking about colleagues who take interest in the success of their co-workers, who want the best for them and will help, support and champion them.

It’s no pie in the sky concept. This kind of SuccessCulture is very achievable because it is based on our values, how we communicate and how we show up. We use these very attributes to accelerate trust in a workplace because having the right mindset is essential building trust which is crucial to breaking down silos and allowing champions to shine, together.

We’re building SuccessCulture with...

  • Whats-Your-Edge---Adelaide-Brighton
  • International Grammar
  • scentre-group
  • Niche building solutions
  • integrity-new-homes
  • dare-to-lead brene brown
  • Seth Godin - this is marketing
  • The Slight Edge book
  • WYE book review Habit Stacking
  • harbourISP-logo-2015
  • Legacy the book
  • The Culture Code
  • Facilities First
  • mindset book
  • ProjectCoat
  • 5 dysfunctions of a team
  • Who Move My Cheese
  • Boral and WYE
  • Project Plus
  • Accor logo
  • Whats-Your-Edge---RS-Components
  • PCYC
  • Buildon Bookkeeping and WYE
  • Kara Atkinson
  • HY - TEC
  • WSP and WYE
  • Whats-Your-Edge---Amadeus-IT-Pacific
  • Supercars
  • Opteon and WYE
Gabriella gave an energising, insightful and entertaining presentation to lead every member of the staff into their own DiSC profile. It has allowed all of us to consider how to work really effectively… and really value… our many colleagues who are the professional opposite to us. I would recommend What’s Your Edge? programs to other Schools and organisations that would like to engage their staff in next level communication for increased productivity, with their peers, and for true team intelligence.

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