Team Intelligence™

Your workplace is full of champions.
We draw them out with Team Intelligence.

Are you investing in your organisation’s downfall?

Your people might be. We see it in workplaces all the time.

Teams working in silos, lack of accountability, fixed mindsets, no fun or laughter, suspicion, mistrust, lack of creativity and innovation, good people leaving, bad people staying, low morale, margins not increasing, defensiveness and blame.

Not dealing with such behaviour, even if small, can quickly become a workplace norm that fireballs through an organisation’s culture. When this happens you need to invest in time for your team to be together, to become aligned so that that give a damn about your organisation's success, and each other's.

WYE? Team Intelligence Program

Team Intelligence is about teams working together intelligently to maximise performance, outcomes and standards of work by maximising the quality of working lives both individually and as a collective.

We do this through programs designed around champion mindsets and the outcomes are extraordinary with teams firing on all cylinders and winning together. Teams who are genuinely invested in achieving success for themselves, each other and their organisation.

Beside are the 10 champion mindsets we have built our Team Intelligence program around.

Your team needs to feel like they are part of something, that they matter and belong. Research shows that much of human behaviour, thoughts and emotion stems from our psychological need to belong. For some, belonging and attachment to co-workers is a better motivator than money.

If you want a culture of success, invest time in bringing them together to draw out the Team Intelligence™ and your champions.
Gabriella gave an energising, insightful and entertaining presentation to lead every member of the staff into their own DiSC profile. It has allowed all of us to consider how to work really effectively… and really value… our many colleagues who are the professional opposite to us. I would recommend What’s Your Edge? programs to other Schools and organisations that would like to engage their staff in next level communication for increased productivity, with their peers, and for true team intelligence.

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