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March 26, 2018
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I cannot express how much I love my job. It is such a privilege to be able to facilitate and witness change and progress. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating right? So here’s a taste of what is possible when Team Intelligence™ and The Slight Edge is at work.

Before I share these results from participants, it’s important to note that creating success culture means success for everyone in an organisation. From the CEO to employees, clients, customers and suppliers. Because when everyone is happy and winning, everyone is happy and winning. Here’s what that looks like.

Leadership, Team, and Personal Success

Books that inspire change“Hi Gabby, I had my first session with [my employee] yesterday in Sydney. We had a great session and I now understand what her needs/goals are.  I think there are some really good things we can work on which will help her personally and in return [for the company]. I am looking forward to this journey.

I have started reading 5 -10 pages [about an area he wants to be an expert in] more often, though not every day.

Re: Philosophy-Attitude-Habit: I have started nourishing the mind with more thoughts and ideas about happiness and mindfulness by meditating and listening to podcasts

And… The old chestnut…the weight!!! I am trying to swim once a week (helps my back) and going the gym at least twice a week….been going to the gym with my teenage daughter which has been great bonding time and activity”  Ron. R

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Female teacher addressing university students in a classroomPresentation Skills

“Thanks again so much for the workshop. I think one of the best things I got out of the two days was actually realising the techniques that people use when speaking are often deliberate. I also learnt a lot from just seeing how you conducted the workshop, along with everyone else’s presentations at the end.

The aha moments were great and I was able to put them into action last night in front of about 200 people. I was responsible for organising an Industry Networking Evening at my University and I gave a speech about the society I’m a part of (there was a lectern but I made sure not to feel obligated to stand behind it!). I definitely harnessed some of the techniques we talked about during the workshop and I feel like I was calmer for it.

Thanks for reaching out again, I’ll definitely think of you and your team next time someone mentions they want to learn more about presenting and the skills associated with it”.  James B.

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Personal Success for Team Success

“I was so inspired in your session last week and am happy to tell you that I have already started with my program which I hope will become a part of my everyday routine and lifestyle.

I have reduced the cigarettes to 3 per day.

Purchased a Fitbit, increased walking morning and night and very excited that I have completed 10.276 steps on Monday and 11.975 steps yesterday…

Also, I am very conscious of the food I eat and have reduced my portions by purchasing a small bowl and eating only what fits in the bowl, I am drinking a lot of water and cutting down on the sweets..

Thank you so much Gabby you are a strong woman and fantastic at what you do, keep inspiring people because even if you inspire someone to change just one thing they commit to for good, they may not have done it without you.

I wish you all the best with the changes that you are currently making in your life and look forward to another inspiring session with you in the future.”  Sharon F.

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WYE Book Quote - Simon SinekOn Showing up and Being Accountable

“Thank you for once again inspiring me. Prior to the workshop, I was really losing the drive with the day to day work. You’ve ushered a new drive within me to be better and aim not just for the higher but the meaningful.

Here’s an update to the progress of my actionable AHA moments:

  • I’m working with my two children to learn 2 new words every day and currently constructing a plan to integrate this with their ‘3-books in week’ goal.
  • I have my list of contacts to call this month and have started making two proactive calls with new clients every day with a planned objective.

  • I’m getting back to running at the beginning of the day. I did my first 2km walk last Tuesday.

I’ve also made myself accountable to 3 people for these goals”.  Renel G.

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Gabriella HorakConclusion

Whatever success you want for yourself, your organisation or your team, it is important to remember that while you must show up and be accountable, you must also be aware of the people around you. And when I say people, I mean champions who you can work together with to achieve each other’s goals. This is team intelligence™ at the highest level  – understanding each other’s why and helping each other achieve individual goals together.

So are you ready to win? Call me, let’s make a plan.