Edge 1
Diana Goghova – testimonial –
April 15, 2019
Edge 2
October 27, 2019

Edge 1

…excited to report, yes I have made a few steps forward.

Primarily, I decided to take the bull by the horns (so to speak) and lead a daily huddle between a few of Team 1, and our direct reports as we lead up to Xmas to ensure everyone understood what was going on, and had a chance to speak up. Only a small action but seems to have been quite beneficial already.

Because it’s only a 15 min huddle or so, it’s quick and light, so people turn up! Win!

And, it’s been a great way for some of our teams to express some stresses they are dealing with, and how other team members might be able to help them succeed 😉

Thinking through a few plans for the new year about how I further step into this group, but some initially promising impacts already.