Sharon Franic

WYE Participant

I was so inspired in your session last week and am happy to tell you that I have already started with my program which I hope will become a part of my everyday routine and lifestyle.

Niraj Singh, Senior HR Business Partner

APAC at RS Components Pty Limited

I only came to know Gabby in the last 12 months. I was looking for a facilitator for our leadership engagement, and I found this interesting concept “What’s Your Edge”.  After a few discussions with her, I knew she would be the one.
Gabby has played a critical role in our organisation with the development and engagement of our ANZ leadership team. We have a more engaged leadership team today hence delivery good results. She clearly understands the requirements and delivers beyond the expectation.
She works very well with all levels of management and has even customised few sales and people manager training for us. She is very passionate, diligent, flexible, structured and focused on delivering results. I will recommend any employer to engage Gabby and the “What’s Your Edge” concept as it has hugely benefited my organisation and me personally as well.

Mark Thomas NSW Territory Manager

RS Components

I printed off my list of goals and stuck it on my wall in my office and look at them every day. My business goals are a part of my every day now and it is really working. I am growing the number of contacts within my larger customers and I am seeing increased sales, enquires & quotes. My personal goals are also on track with the purchase of an investment property a month ago.
So I’m currently on annual leave in Fiji. The kids are in kids club and my wife (Lizzy) and I are currently relaxing in the adults only pool with a few cocktails and some inspirational reading (The Slight Edge!).

WYE Participant

PwC Australia

The team at What's Your Edge? are best described as: a highly effective, results-driven, 'heart centred' well-oiled machine and as such I have continued to work with them for many years. The team has a unique ability to carefully understand business problems and effectively deliver sustainable solutions addressing various capabilities, presenting a learning and development offer that is pitched exactly to the audience.

Lance Batty, Director/General Manager


Interested in learning the link between the pose you strike (I’m a superwoman guy apparently…) and changes in testosterone levels three minutes later, or positive visualisation and dopamine release and opening neural pathways? @Gabriella Horak from What's Your Edge? , is the lady to ask.
We have used @Gabriella Horak for different training engagements lately and I find her linkages between traditional personal development topics and the latest academic research really lifts the subject matter to a higher level, engaging both qualitative and analytical “types” in the room equally – not easily done. Thanks, @Amadeus IT Group for organising, and Gabriella for the prep work!

Kate Jenkins

Emmanuel Anglican College

Thank you so much, Gabby. It is so lovely to hear from you. I have forwarded your email to our Exec and Principal.
It was such a brilliant conference. I have never been to any other that I got so much out of.

John Dean

WYE Participant

When you first meet Gabriella you are struck by her energy and passion, her passion to help people.
She and her team have already touched tens of thousands of people with the simple yet dramatically effective concepts found in their Success Culture Programs, including TeamQ™ and The Slight Edge her mission is to change the lives of millions of people, by giving them their edge through learning and sharing.

Gavin Atkinson, Business Development Manager

Project Coat

One of the best team development days I have been involved with. People all engaged and interested in how we continue to grow together and harness each other as individuals and a collective. Gabriella’s follow up also helps to ensure the takeaways from the day stick! Looking forward to the next one guys.

WYE Participant


I had the pleasure of Gab presenting for a company workshop. She is a very enthusiastic facilitator, speaks with great passion and had the whole room engaged throughout the day. She managed to simplify complex theories with easy to follow practices. At the end of the day walking out the room felt refreshed, armed with tips and tricks to run my work-life efficiently. I look forward to some more of Gab's coaching.

WYE Participant

Adelaide Brighton

Gabby worked with us to design a training seminar for our business leaders. Gabby was authentic and the training was delivered in a way that was well suited to the group. Gabby's use of examples and "hacks" gave the participants easy actions to implement immediately and we did so the very next day.
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